Best business year in company history
Best business year in company history

23. Mai 2022 - "The next crisis after corona?" That was the motto of the MHK Press Day, at which the Chairman of the Supervisory Board Prof. Rainer Kirchdörfer and the Executive Board of the MHK Group took stock, because, like the previous year, the business year 2021 was once again influenced by the corona pandemic. The associated disruptions in the worldwide delivery chains and the increasing scarcity of raw materials also led to delivery bottlenecks and price increases. Conversely, there was a further strengthening and consolidation of the homing trend that had begun in the previous year. The MHK Group and its affiliated retail companies and tradesman's businesses also had to hold their ground in this trade-off between increasing demand for individually planned kitchens and bathrooms as well as increasing building activities on the one hand and increasing costs and delivery times on the other.

This was achieved in impressive fashion by the Europe-wide purchasing and service group around the topic of home and living. At the financial results press conference, MHK CEO Werner Heilos was able to announce the best figures in the company's history. Turnover grew in 2021 by 16.4 percent to 8.914 billion Euros. The result was achieved by the 3,633 companies (+161) throughout Europe that belonged to the group as of 31 December 2021.

Growth impetus came from home and abroad alike. While group turnover in Germany increased by 15.5 percent to 5.924 billion Euros, the MHK foreign companies in Belgium, Great Britain, the Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland and Spain contributed 2.99 billion Euros to the total result with an increase in turnover of 18.5 percent. With this result, the growth of the MHK subsidiaries was once again well above the market level.

The very good results are also reflected in the dividends paid to the shareholders. The MHK Group paid out record dividends totalling 180.9 million Euros (+ 20.0 percent).

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