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Centralised settlement, del credere, hire purchase, debt collection

Industrie- und Handels-Treuhand GmbH (IHT) is a modern centralised regulatory company and a link between retail and trade business partners on the one hand and industry on the other. It has more than 30 years of association experience in medium-sized retail and trade – in the region and throughout Europe. IHT’s centralised settlement guarantees smooth payment transactions between retail, trade and industry. At the same time, it assumes 100% del credere credit liability. Without limitation. This means that every member of the MHK Group enjoys a high credit rating with his suppliers, business partners and banks.

Industrie- & Handels-Treuhand GmbH

Support for business start-ups

In addition, IHT provides comprehensive advice on business start-ups and offers individual business consulting tailored 100% to the entrepreneur and his needs. In addition, IHT supports MHK members with attractive financial services such as hire purchase. This means that display goods can be financed in a cost effective way on the basis of fixed monthly instalments.