Kitchen magazine receives Fox Award in silver

Award honours efficient print and digital solutions / Touchpoints expanded

Dreieich, 8. November 2021: Since 2010, they have been awarded to efficient print and digital solutions that act as impulse generators and contactors, as emotion boosters, information providers and relevance guarantors to strengthen the corporate brand, support the stages of the customer journey and thus support the economic development of the company: the Fox Awards. Among this year's winners is also the kitchen magazine of musterhaus küchen Fachgeschäft, which received the coveted award in silver for the fourth time in a row.

"We are delighted to receive the Fox Award again," emphasises Ralf Reinemann, Managing Director of info-text, the MHK in-house advertising agency responsible, "especially as this award confirms the magazine's efficiency."

The free magazine has been an integral part of the marketing since 2008. With its varied mix, which combines brand-relevant topics of kitchen, cooking and lifestyle with entertaining reports, exciting background reports as well as helpful tips and tricks, the kitchen magazine underlines the competence of the musterhaus küchen Fachgeschäft. At the same time, it encourages readers to get into the mood for good kitchens and invites them to visit one of the numerous musterhaus küchen Fachgeschäfte directly on site to get live information and advice on the latest trends. In order to reach people interested in kitchens at as many touchpoints of the customer journey as possible, the specialist shops with the red triangle in their logo are also offering a digital version on their website for the first time in addition to the printed magazine. In addition, the content is played via social networks.

Against the backdrop of the ongoing pandemic, the Fox Awards 2021 were held under the motto "raising the profile". Criteria such as the choice of communication channel with regard to target group, product and brand, concept and content quality, approaches to generating reach, dialogue offer, distribution, customer experience or usability were included in the evaluation.

"We are currently working on the Kitchen Magazine 2022, which will be published in February. One of the main topics is 'The new freedom of design'," Ralf Reinemann gives a first insight. "Here, we'll be looking at the versatile possibilities of modern kitchen planning, which also pay off in terms of consciously newly chosen lifestyles and diets."

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