The Visionary and self-starter

Hans Strothoff founded the MHK Group in 1980 at the age of 30. A native of Bremen, he acted according to the principles of a Hanseatic merchant, basing both his own actions and that of his company on these. Through commitment and inventiveness, the company quickly developed into one of Europe’s leading full-service associations. Today, specialist retailers and craftsmen in the kitchen and home, plumbing/heating/air conditioning and construction/renovation sectors benefit from its services.

Hans Strothoff

Successful associations and marketing concepts

The best-known marketing concepts are the musterhaus küchen specialist stores and the REDDY Küchen franchise system. The group also includes interdomus Haustechnik, an association for companies in sanitary, air conditioning and heating technology, the Deutscher Wohnbau Verbund, an association for companies active in housing construction, TOP Malermeister Deutschland, an association for the professional painting trade, and 16 service companies such as CRONBANK and the software provider CARAT.


Leading mind in the furniture industry

From the very beginning, Hans Strothoff believed in the power of the association – within the MHK Group, but also within the industry, on which he had a major impact during his years of operation. From 2005 until his death in August 2020, he was president of the Handelsverband Möbel und Küchen (BVDM) and chairman of the board of the Vereins der Fachschule des Möbelhandels e. V., Cologne.

Logo Strothoff International School

Education as an investment in the future

Hans Strothoff also expressed his commitment to young talent and education with the founding of the Strothoff International School Rhein-Main Campus Dreieich, which began teaching in August 2009. Beyond the educational aspect, the concept of international thinking in a globalised world was important to him. He regarded the confident and tolerant treatment of different cultures as being essential for a peaceful coexistence. The teaching of these values was just as important to him as Dreieich as a location, which gained in importance as an educational base in the Rhine-Main region thanks to the international school.

Commitment to the citizens of Dreieich

The town of Dreieich is closely linked to the success of the MHK Group. For more than three decades, it has hosted the MHK European headquarters and was also Strothoff's adopted home. The committed entrepreneur left his mark here in Dreieich too, and not only with the international school. He wanted Dreieich to become more attractive for all – for the inhabitants as a pleasant place for living and education, and for companies as a prosperous business location. With the foundation of the "Zukunft Dreieich – Integration und Sustainability e. V." association in 2014, he tackled the challenges of forward-looking city marketing and thus passed on some of his personal success to his hometown.


Awards for Hans Strothoff

Hans Strothoff has received several awards for his multifaceted commitment. In 2002 he was awarded the Medal of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany. In 2008 he was made honorary senator of Goethe University Frankfurt. In December 2012, Hans Strothoff received the Excellence Award from the "Der Liberale Mittelstand Hessen" association, which recognises a particularly exemplary Hessian entrepreneur every year.

Legacy and vision of the future

On 11 August 2020, company founder Hans Strothoff passed away at the age of 69. Thanks to his visionary action, the MHK Group is ideally equipped for the future. The economic strength and entrepreneurial culture of the MHK Group, which he shaped, should continue to be preserved and developed further in a targeted way. All upcoming decisions will be made in the interests of Hans Strothoff, his company and for the success of all involved. We feel bound to this legacy for the future with all our hearts and strength.