International locations of the MHK Group

Globally Strong

International thinking has always been very much alive with us from the very beginning. Today, the MHK Group is represented at locations in eight countries. Initially, we developed our own European perspective. We recognised growth opportunities in Europe, the world's largest single market, at an early stage. Now we’re reaching further out into the world.

MHK Germany

Since its foundation in 1980, MHK has positioned itself as a successful association for the medium-sized kitchen, furniture and sanitary trade. Today, as a full-service association, we offer our partners an extensive service package for purchasing, marketing and financial services. The heart of the MHK Group is its European headquarters in Dreieich near Frankfurt/Main, which was inaugurated in 2018.

MHK Marketing Handel Kooperation GmbH & Co. Verbundgruppen Holding KG
Hans Strothoff Platz 1
63303 Dreieich

Phone: +49 61 03 391 0
Fax: +49 61 03 391 119

Logo MHK Deutschland

MHK Nederland

The service association for qualified kitchen and bathroom retailers strengthens kitchen businesses throughout the Dutch kitchen segment with favourable purchasing conditions, extensive services and uniform marketing for the MHK KeukenExpert brand. This also includes attractive marketing concepts such as Bad & Body, Uw KeukenSpeciaalzaak, elementa, selectiv®, abbiamo and REDDY Keukens.

MHK Groep Nederland C.V.
Einsteinweg 23C
3404 LH IJsselstein

Phone: +31 30 2876070
Fax: +31 30 2876071

Logo MHK Nederland

MHK Belgium

Within a very short period of time, MHK Belgium has developed into one of the largest network groups in the Belgian kitchen market. In addition to Belgian trading partners, partners from Luxembourg also benefit from the services of the MHK Group. The retail companies focus on joint marketing activities in order to further strengthen the brands "MHK Küchenspezialist", "REDDY KEUKEN" and the specialist kitchen stores. Not least due to its presence at the Batibouw consumer fair in Brussels, familiarity with the "MHK Kitchen Specialist" brand has increased significantly in recent years.

Werthplatz 13
4700 Eupen

Phone: +32 87 65 29 26

Logo MHK Belgium

MHK Schweiz

MHK Schweiz offers its trading partners in Switzerland attractive purchasing conditions, continuously optimised marketing concepts, a wide range of services, joint trade marketing and centralised settlement with unrestricted del credere.

MHK Schweiz AG
Blumenweg 3
6405 Immensee, Schweiz

Phone: +41 76 371 39 61

Logo MHK Schweiz

MHK Österreich

MHK Österreich strengthens its local partners in Austria with favourable purchasing conditions and beneficial services. Among other things, the partners benefit from intelligent marketing concepts such as the MHK kitchen specialists and from the regular exchange of experience.

MHK Österreich GmbH & Co. KG
Oberndorfer Straße 35/19
5020 Salzburg

Phone: +43 662 27 62 65 0

Logo MHK Österreich

MHK Spanien

MHK Iberica focuses on a close partnership between industry and trade. The partners benefit from synergy effects through joint purchasing and joint advertising activities. In the Spanish market, too, unrestricted del credere for all trading partners is assumed in purchasing.

MHK Ibérica S.L.
Calle Playa de las Américas 2
28290 Las Matas – MADRID

Phone: +34 916 308 480
Fax: +34 916 307 107

Logo MHK Spanien

MHK United Kingdom

MHK United Kingdom supports its trading partners with attractive purchasing conditions and a comprehensive range of services tailored to the aspirations and needs of medium-sized entrepreneurs.

MHK Holding UK LTD
1310 Solihull Parkway, Birmingham Business Park
B37 7YB Birmingham / West Midlands
United Kingdom

Phone: +44  121 796 5310

Managing Director: Marcel Crezee