MHK Group launches nobel brand world

Dreieich, 27. Juni 2022: At the beginning of June, the MHK Group launched a comprehensive online catalogue for its nobel partners in Germany and Austria, the nobel brand world. The clickable catalogue combines around 1.200 products from more than 20 suppliers. By the end of the year, there will be 5.000 articles. This is a great advantage in sales talks, because no consultant knows the entire range of his suppliers. Once registered, the nobel brand world, which runs as a web application on all mobile devices, can be handled intuitively. The start page provides an overview of the various product groups - from sofas to tables and chairs to lighting and accessories. Sub-product groups help to refine the selection.

A second option is to access the shop directly via the menu item “manufacturer”. nobel’s brand world provides transparency and an overview of the full product ranges and offers valuable digital support at the point of sale, which is a huge advantage. In addition to colour and material alternatives, model descriptions, the RRP, the purchase price and sales documents are stored for each product at a glance, as well as contact details, planning tools (if available), flip books and supplier news. From autumn onwards, MHK’s kitchen partners will also benefit from nobel’s brand world, as they will be able to expand their kitchen range and generate additional sales with the product group “tables / chairs / bar stools”.

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