Young entrepreneurs take a look into the future

Dreieich, 10. Juni 2022: “Futurology and architecture” was the headline of MHK’s Young Entrepreneurs Workshop held at the KAMPA Building Innovation Centre in Waldhausen. During the guided tour of the building, host Georg Hammerstingl emphasised: “If our customers buy a house today, it should not be outdated tomorrow”. That is why the prefabricated house manufacturer KAMPA is continuously taking tomorrow’s trends into account, always bearing in mind the question “What will the living space of the future look like”? One of these trends: Smart Home, which is increasingly finding its way into the kitchen. Workshop coach Stefan Suchaneck made it clear how MHK’s young entrepreneurs are asserting themselves as experts on site in the digital age.

The neuro-aesthetician, retail designer, business psychologist, management consultant, speaker and university lecturer demanded “Get in touch with people! We people trust a story, a narrative. This is why you should create added value that can make a sales price higher! Emotionalise the business and create your own personal story!” Organisers and participants drew a positive feedback: “Since our last meeting in 2019, we have welcomed many new young entrepreneurs. Particularly striking at this workshop was the self-reflection of the young generation,” highlighted MHK Expansion Manager Markus Paul. “They think ahead, go new ways, talk about everyday problems and exchange solutions with each other as well as with the industry partners and us.” This is enormously important, he said, because “only together can we move forward - in triad with trade, industry and the association.”

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