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REDDY kitchens and musterhaus küchen specialty stores awarded.

Once a year, the daily newspaper DIE WELT publishes Germany's Service Champions. From zero to 133rd place out of a total of 4,053 companies from 384 sectors surveyed - and thus gold status and among the TOP 300 right away - the specialist musterhaus küchen stores made it through. In the industry ranking of the kitchen studios, the popular MHK umbrella brand, which is also celebrating its 40th birthday this year, is only just behind the MHK franchise subsidiary REDDY Küchen in third place. It renewed its gold status for the seventh time.

Werner Heilos, CEO of the MHK Group, sees the excellent performance of the two MHK Kitchen Associations as a confirmation of the work done by each individual MHK shareholder as well as at the association's headquarters. "We have excellently working teams that actively support our shareholders in offering their customers not only a first-class product at competitive prices, but also the proverbial excellent service that goes with it". For the Group, the double award as Service Champions in Gold is a confirmation of the MHK Group's leading position within the purchasing associations and a further motivation to work on expanding its market leadership with fresh ideas and tremendous passion.

Supervisory Board of the MHK Group appoints Werner Heilos as new Chairman of the Board of Management

Hans Strothoff has decreed that the MHK Group will remain together in its entirety. In future, the individual MHK companies will be directly or indirectly under a foundation. The operational management of the Group will continue to be carried out by the Board of Directors. Hans Strothoff established the six-member Management Board team early on to ensure continuity. Werner Heilos was appointed as the new Chairman of the Board of Management. In addition, each business unit has been assigned a representative on the Board of Management in a business distribution plan:

Wolfgang Becker is responsible for central settlements, del credere and business management dealer consulting. Frank Bermbach is responsible for banking services, insurance and internal IT. Dr. Olaf Hoppelshäuser is responsible for overall sales, logistics and facility management. Kirk Mangels is responsible for marketing, corporate communications, educational institutions and additionally for digitalisation. The IT companies of the group also belong to the latter. Donald Schieren continues to be in charge of procurement marketing. Werner Heilos, as Chairman of the Board of Management, is responsible for strategic orientation and the areas of personnel, finance and legal affairs.

Future needs origin: Homage to Hans Strothoff

At a ceremonial hour of remembrance yesterday, the employees of the MHK Group AG from Germany and abroad were able to bid farewell to their boss and founder of the MHK Group AG, Hans Strothoff. Hans Strothoff had passed away on 11 August 2020. In addition to paying homage to the dedicated entrepreneur and industry advocate, the MHK management also used the hour of remembrance to look into the future. The Chairman of the Supervisory Board, Prof. Rainer Kirchdörfer, informed the employees that the Supervisory Board had appointed Werner Heilos as the new Chairman of the Board of Management of the MHK Group AG.

He will accompany and support the transition into the new era. The operational management of the excellently positioned and very healthy group of companies will continue to be the responsibility of the Management Board, which, in addition to Werner Heilos, includes Frank Bermbach, Wolfgang Becker, Dr. Olaf Hoppelshäuser, Kirk Mangels and Donald Schieren. In the spirit of Hans Strothoff, the Board of Directors will continue to manage the MHK Group in the usual manner and, together with the MHK team, expand the market leadership.

Trendsetting and innovative for the entire industry

The Corona pandemic has led to the cancellation of numerous events and trade fairs. The MHK Group had cancelled, among other things, its Annual General Meeting and participation in the autumn trade fair in East Westphalia. As a result, personal exchange within the industry has unfortunately been limited or even impossible this year. However, it is precisely the direct communication between MHK partners and MHK service companies at events and trade fairs and the associated impulses for trade and craft are important components of success. Against this background, the seminar series "MHK Expert Meeting" plays a special role. 10 dates are planned throughout Germany. They will start on November 12th at the MHK European headquarters in Dreieich. In terms of content - in addition to conditions, product ranges and services such as the new MHK Entrepreneur Cockpit - the Group's future strategy is on the agenda. These will be presented by the MHK Board of Management and the Chairman of the Supervisory Board, Prof. Rainer Kirchdörfer.

Largest group of SHK specialist companies achieves ISO 9001 standard

Just in time for its 10th anniversary, interdomus Haustechnik underlines its success with a meaningful certification: as the only association group in the SHK industry, the independent certifier LL-C (Certification) Germany certified interdomus Haustechnik to comply with ISO 9001:2015. interdomus Haustechnik was checked in a two-stage audit with regard to economic efficiency, market acceptance and expectations of the shareholders. Measured against international standards, the evaluation included, among other things, the sustainable approach of the group in the areas of business administration and finance, strategy and leadership as well as customer orientation and communication.

"With the certification we have taken an important step towards securing the future of interdomus Haustechnik and above all that of our shareholders," emphasizes Stefan Ehrhard, Managing Director of interdomus Haustechnik. For the certification, interdomus Haustechnik decided on a matrix certification, the so-called compound certification. Because the shareholders also profit from the matrix certification. They also have the possibility to have their company certified according to ISO 9001:2015 for a feasible internal effort and cost contribution. The certification gives the specialized companies a valuable competitive advantage, especially for orders and tenders where official requirements have to be fulfilled. For the continuous improvement process as well as the assurance of sustainable growth, interdomus Haustechnik will continue to have itself audited and certified at regular intervals.

Supervisory Board, Management Board and employees mourn Hans Strothoff, founder and Chairman of the Management Board of MHK Group AG

He was a passionate and committed visionary, a fighter who, over the last 40 years, inspired many people for his ideas and initiated numerous projects and plans for his company as well as for the industry. The Board of Management and Supervisory Board of the MHK Group announced today that Hans Strothoff passed away last night at the age of 69 with his family after a long and serious illness. "The fact that Hans Strothoff has passed away represents an incredible loss for us. We mourn for a great entrepreneur, a highly creative founder and a great human being. We feel in these difficult hours with the family of Hans Strothoff, to whom we are personally very close", said Werner Heilos, Deputy Chairman of the MHK Group on behalf of the Board of Directors.