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Gold status for outstanding customer service renewed

REDDY Küchen and musterhaus küchen Fachgeschäfte are awarded Service Champions Gold.

Today, the daily newspaper DIE WELT published Germany's Service Champions 2021. Among the 300 best of a total of 4,196 companies from 384 industries: musterhaus küchen Fachgeschäfte and REDDY Küchen.

"We are delighted that both musterhaus küchen Fachgeschäfte and REDDY Küchen have been able to renew their gold status," emphasizes Frank Schütz, Managing Director of MHK Marketing Handel Kooperation GmbH. While the MHK umbrella brand with the red triangle in its logo participated for the first time last year and made it directly into the gold category, the MHK franchise subsidiary REDDY convinced with its excellent service for eight years in a row. Following the results of a survey, conducted by the daily newspaper DIE WELT, the market research institute Service Value and the Goethe University Frankfurt, REDDY was awarded Service Champion in gold for the eighth time.

MHK Group opens new REDDY kitchen kitchen specialty store and new musterhaus küchen Fachgeschäft kitchen specialty store

On August 27th, both the umbrella brand of the MHK Group and its franchise concept received a new addition: In Darmstadt, Hesse, Celal Ciftci relied on REDDY Kitchens for his step into the kitchen industry. The 37-year-old had built up and successfully managed three mobile phone stores in the past. He discovered his interest in the kitchen industry while buying a kitchen for private use. After working in various REDDY stores for 12 months, he opened his first REDDY kitchen store at Darmstadt's Möbelmeile, the link between Darmstadt and Weiterstadt.

In Wilhelmshaven, 500 kilometers away, Jürgen Kunz started his own business with a musterhaus küchen specialty store. In the 250m² showroom, he focuses not only on kitchens but also on climate protection. Among other things, he works with the Stiftung Unternehmen Wald (Forest Enterprise Foundation) and donates a tree planted by the foundation in Schleswig-Holstein for every kitchen sold by him. "With Jürgen Kunz and Celal Ciftci, our group can welcome two committed new founders to its ranks who demonstrate entrepreneurial courage in these times and at the same time stand for the economic strength of the MHK Group," emphasizes Frank Schütz, who is responsible for MHK sales.

MHK Group has fitters for defined activities certified by TÜV

By the end of the year, around 100 fitters from the MHK shareholders will have completed advanced training to become "furniture specialists for defined activities - electrical + sanitary modules" and will have been awarded the TÜV certificate. The offer was initiated by the MHK Group in cooperation with its subsidiary MHK Logistik and TÜV Rheinland. This is the association's response to the fact that professional work on electrical and sanitary connections has long been an integral part of kitchen assembly, but requires special training.

The most important advantage: If accidents happen during the specified connection work of the kitchen with electrical and plumbing, the fitter is covered by the TÜV certificate with the employers' liability insurance association. In addition to occupational safety and the personal qualifications of the fitters, the TÜV certificate is also a strong sales argument, because it documents a high level of professional competence and sustainably strengthens the end customer's trust in the company and ultimately in the installation team.

Hans Strothoff Square officially inaugurated

"Today should not be a day of mourning, but of joyful remembrance," with these words Jutta Strothoff welcomed around 80 guests to the ceremonial inauguration of Hans Strothoff Platz yesterday afternoon. Exactly one year ago, the founder of the MHK Group had passed away. Dreieich's city council and city parliament honored him for his many commitments by unanimously voting to name the square in front of MHK's European headquarters after him. "My husband would have been very proud ." The ceremonial unveiling was carried out by Jutta Strothoff and MHK Group CEO Werner Heilos. Oliver Quilling, District Administrator of the District of Offenbach, Martin Burlon, Mayor of the city of Dreieich, and Prof. Rainer Kirchdörfer, Chairman of the MHK Supervisory Board, described Hans Strothoff as an "entrepreneur in the best sense" and a "self-made man" who had made an impact beyond the borders of the city of Dreieich with his economic, social and cultural commitment, thus leaving a lasting mark on his adopted home. With the giving of the name he will receive an extraordinary recognition.

30 years and not a bit silent

On Twitter, it is known as Germany's secret earworm king: the jingle of the musterhaus küchen Fachgeschäfte The radio campaign was launched in 1991 and the first spots were broadcasted in the fall. With success: in a very short time, the musterhaus küchen Fachgeschäfte significantly increased their level of awareness. Ten years later, supported brand recognition was even close to 90 percent. Today, 30 years later, young and old can hum along to the spots. In the current campaign, too, the specialty stores with the red triangle in their logo are relying on radio as a medium alongside online advertising. "Makes envious" is the current slogan. And that's certainly not just the neighbor when he sees the kitchen planned in the musterhaus küchen Fachgeschäft, but also some competitor in view of the now 30-year success of the musterhaus jingle.

Eventually it is time: MHK Congress from October 1 to 3

From October 1 to 3, 2021, Berlin will finally be the meeting point and conference venue for the MHK Group again. Although typical highlights of the traditional MHK General Meeting with top-class speakers, the trade fair "living & style", the presentation of the award "The Golden Triangle" for the most beautiful kitchens and bathrooms in Germany and an evening in a relaxed atmosphere are on the program, some things are different. After all, the MHK Congress will not replace the traditional MHK Annual General Meeting, which will take place in the spring of 2022. On this weekend in October, the focus will rather be on the exchange between people - true to the event motto "Communication. Meeting. People." More conversation! More trade fair! More interaction! Exactly what everyone has been missing for the last 2.5 years. Information about the MHK Congress and unique MHK moments of the last years can be found on the event website:

Back at Gut Böckel: CARAT presents new clever software solutions

After CARAT had to cancel all fair participation due to Corona, the market leader and manufacturer of the kitchen planning software of the same name will participate in a trade fair from 18th to 23rd September for the first time in one and a half years: the autumn fair in East Westphalia. A major role will be played in the Roggenhaus at Gut Böckel by the CARATcloud and with it the consistency that extends over the entire process of buying a kitchen and offers even more efficiency and planning fun with intelligent solutions. CARAT will also be presenting new graphic and lighting effects as well as CARAT Live Block Calculation. In addition to German trade visitors, international customers are also expected.

Parcour Park Dreieich: MHK Group supports with donation

The city of Dreieich and its concerns, especially those of children and teenagers, were already near and dear to the heart of our founder Hans Strothoff. He was involved in many important projects. His work in this area continues today, and we are currently supporting the construction of a parcour park in Dreieich. The project was initiated in the Youth Parliament back in 2017 and is now set to become reality in the fall. The jumping area of around 200 square meters is to be built near the indoor swimming pool and will appeal to athletes from beginners to professional level.

Youngster arount the organizing team Maxim Kuznetsov, Julian Schäfer and László Boroffka handled the project completely by themselves - from the planning to the financing. On behalf of the MHK Group, Jutta Strothoff presented the donation check last weekend and emphasized: "The young people have shown great commitment. They have more than earned our support. And the parcour park appeals to a wide audience. That's why we're very happy to be able to help." Dreieich's mayor Martin Burlon described the solidarity of citizens and companies for the young people as "overwhelming": "The parcour park project shows what is possible together in Dreieich and that commitment and persistence are rewarded."

MHK Group now at Hans Strothoff Platz 1

Less than ten months after his passing, the founder of the MHK Group, Hans Strothoff, has been honored posthumously in a special way: the square directly in front of the MHK European headquarters has been renamed Hans-Strothoff-Platz 1. This was decided by the city council of Dreieich on June 1, 2021. "The decision is not only a great honor, it also shows his unique commitment to and in the region," emphasized MHK Supervisory Board Chairman Prof. Rainer Kirchdörfer. The official unveiling of the new address is scheduled to take place on August 11, 2021, Hans Strothoff's first death anniversary, with a memorial service. "Hans Strothoff passed away last August in the midst of the Corona pandemic. Many things that would have been appropriate were simply not possible during this particular time of the pandemic," said Werner Heilos, MHK Group CEO. "For example, we could not organize a funeral service appropriate to such a personality." How and in what form the ceremonies will be held, however, would remain open due to Corona.

Record result in a challenging business year

The year 2020 was dominated by the Corona pandemic, which led to numerous changes in our society. The MHK Group also had to face new challenges. In addition, the Group was hit by the loss of its founder and CEO Hans Strothoff. Nevertheless, the MHK Group has developed excellently in the 40th year of its existence. For example, turnover grew by 15.3 percent to 7.657 billion euros in 2020. The result was generated by the 3,472 companies (+208) across Europe that belonged to the group as of 31 December 2020.

Significant growth impulses came primarily from the domestic market. Here, the MHK Group grew by 18.3 percent to 5.132 billion euros. The foreign companies in Belgium, Great Britain, the Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland and Spain were also able to maintain their position well above the market level with a plus of 9.6 percent (2.525 billion euros). Accordingly, the distributions to the shareholders were extraordinarily high: In total, the group can pay out 150.7 million euros to its shareholders. This is 14.8 percent more than in the previous year.

Change of leadership at the top of CARAT: Gerhard Essig hands over responsibility to the next generation

After 33 years, Gerhard Essig, CARAT Managing Director and co-founder of the Dreieich software company, will retire from the operational business on 31 March 2021 and devote himself to consulting tasks in the future. Andreas Günther, who has been CARAT Managing Director for two years and is responsible for sales and marketing, and Andreas Joost, who has been Managing Director for nine years and is responsible for technology, will take over. Norbert Michael is in charge of the Data Management Division. Alexander Graf, Anita Kirchdorfer, Michael Kirchhoff and Frank Ußner will support the new management in customer and technology-oriented development. The team convinces with many years of industry, development and internal experience. In addition, Michael Kirchhoff, who will be responsible for international key account sales, will be given procuration. In Austria, Matthias Schaufler takes over the helm of CARAT Austria in addition to managing the international sales staff. Gerhard Essig will act in an advisory capacity in the future.

Kirk Mangels, the board member responsible for CARAT on the MHK Executive Board, believes that the course for the future has been set very well: "Andreas Günther and Andreas Joost have been built up successively over the last few years. They think and live CARAT. In addition, Gerhard Essig will remain with us as a sparring partner with his know-how as well as his interest in and flair for technical innovations and for the requirements of the industry ..."

New premium suppliers for shareholders of interdomus Haustechnik

With burgbad, Hansgrohe Deutschland and Pluggit, interdomus Haustechnik is now expanding its spectrum to include three suppliers who are each among the market leaders in their product area. "Innovative strength and 'Made in Germany' are two strong arguments that have convinced us as an association group and will now also inspire the customers of our SHK specialist companies in their projects," says Stefan Ehrhard, Managing Director of interdomus Haustechnik, describing the additional potential that the new cooperations will open up for the shareholders.

Subsidies online package turns specialist companies into professionals

Due to the COVID 19 pandemic, many topics have been pushed into the background in recent months. But only apparently, as the example of the energy transition shows. Throughout Europe, efforts are constantly being made to achieve the 2030 climate goals. For example, subsidies for energy-efficient renovations and energy-efficient buildings and technologies create incentives for homeowners to make their personal contribution to the energy transition. And the member companies of interdomus Haustechnik offer the appropriate expert support with the interdomus Förderprofi - a subsidy online package with energy-saving calculator and subsidy information as well as a microsite. "Especially with this complex topic, advice is enormously important. The right heating system, but also the possibilities of subsidies are part of every second customer discussion," Stefan Ehrhard knows about the challenges of the interdomus members. The microsite with an energy-saving calculator and information on subsidies supports the craftsmen in their discussions with their customers. Integrated on the company's own homepage, it offers interested parties initial important information.

14th edition of the Küchenmagazin published

The Küchenmagazin 2021 has now been published in its 14th edition. On 132 pages, the customer magazine of the musterhaus küchen Fachgeschäft offers an exciting mix of trends, inspiration, advice, lifestyle, recipes and tips on all aspects of the kitchen. Under the motto "One kitchen, many possibilities - this is how life cooks!" the cover topic, for example, focuses on the kitchen as a living space with its many facets as an extended living room, craft room, playroom or workplace. The oven trends for 2021 are just as versatile, and combined with creative oven recipes, they awaken the desire to try things out for yourself. The fact that kitchen, cooking and enjoying food always have something to do with tradition, is impressively reflected in the stories over the Israeli Gastronomin Haya Molcho, the Model Sara Nuru and the historical mustard mill Monschau of Ruth Breuer. The kitchen magazine is available free of charge in musterhaus küchen Fachgeschäfte stores or online at

Preparing to reopen instead of standing still

Life continues to stand still in the retail sector. Appearances are deceiving, as the MHK shareholders are making clear on social media. Under the motto "#machwasdraus", they are offering a glimpse behind the scenes on social media. Stating that there is no standing still. With the reconstruction of the exhibition, many places are actively preparing for the reopening of the studios. These and many other posts by MHK shareholders can also be found collected under the hashtag #wirsindküche. And because customers expect, above all, a competent, service-oriented team in addition to a cutting-edge exhibition, the MHK Group is offering a new 4-part seminar series that highlights the points of relationship management, needs assessment and control, closing issues, and complaints. With the digital training program, the MHK Group supports its shareholders and their employees quickly and adequately with training measures and helps to ensure that they are well prepared for the re-start.

CARAT: Panoramic display makes kitchen planning even more authentic

CARAT, manufacturer of the kitchen planning software of the same name, was able to close the year 2020 with an increase in sales and new customers. This success is due to the fast and uncomplicated support provided to customers during the Corona crisis, as well as the consistently high quality ensured by a 160-strong team CARAT. 40 of them alone work in data preparation - the heart of perfect kitchen planning. Last year alone a total of 7323 different catalog updates were created in various languages for CARAT customers and the industry.

The highlights of CARAT's new developments in 2020 also included Kitchen and Space, the Kitchen Assistant, CARAT Academy and the CARATview VR app. CARAT is also entering the 2021 kitchen year with an innovation: individual panoramic images that create an even more realistic impression of the kitchen. New things can also be expected soon from the cloud solution that was launched last year. Like most suppliers and service providers in the kitchen industry, the CARAT hopes to be able to present its products live again in fall at the latest. Until then, CARAT is available for customers and interested parties by phone and online.

interdomus Haustechnik: New wholesale partners close gaps in comprehensive product range

interdomus Haustechnik was able to gain three new wholesale partners at the start of the year. The cooperation in northern Germany with Peter Jensen GmbH, in the east of the country with Lotter Metall GmbH & Co. KG and Philipp Wagner GmbH as a pure mail-order company ensures that all member companies can quickly access the most comprehensive range of products and a high-quality exhibition, regardless of storage and exhibition space. "With the three new partners, we have taken an important step as an association. Three times the concentrated power in the market and a common goal - for our member companies this means that they can appear competive and successful in the region in the long term," Stefan Ehrhard summarizes the potential of the new partnerships.

MHK's own brand xeno celebrates its 10th anniversary

MHK's own brand xeno is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year. After the market launch in Great Britain last summer, the step towards internationalization is to be consistently continued. The MHK Group is targeting the markets in Belgium, the Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland and Spain. After 10 years, the design has also been given a makeover, which directly reflects the xeno image of the uncomplicated young kitchen brand. Image and positioning are also being sharpened. In the future, xeno will stand for a kitchen feel-good world - for a brand that convinces not only with kitchens but also with living ideas for the entire home. In terms of product technology, xeno is making strong gains with new standards such as the 350 mm wall cabinet depth, concealed hangers, three cabinet heights as well as quartz stone panels and sliding door elements.

interdomus Haustechnik: MHK subsidiary grows above industry average

"We are very satisfied with the year of 2020," attested Peter Tornow and Stefan Ehrhard, managing directors of interdomus Haustechnik, at the beginning of the year. Thus, the strongest association for the sanitary, heating and air conditioning trade recorded a membership increase of about 15 percent and a growth in sales that was significantly above the industry average. In addition, new strong supplier partners from the wholesale trade as well as well-known manufacturers were won, which further complement the attractive portfolio. Many reasons for interdomus Haustechnik to dare a positive outlook into the new year. Our members are excellently positioned and can rely on an extensive and excellent supplier and service portfolio, which we will expand in cooperation with the MHK service companies and thus generate further growth," Peter Tornow and Stefan Erhard outline the goals set for 2021.

MHK Group postpones Annual General Meeting to the first weekend in October

The MHK Annual General Meeting is one of the most important dates in the course of the year for the Group's member companies, as well as for its supplier and business partners. Last year, the MHK AGM, like many other events, was cancelled due to Corona and was to be made up from April 23 to 25, 2021. Now the MHK board informed that this date will not take place either. The current situation and developments will be monitored very closely and a decision will be made in due course as to whether the planned major event can take place from October 1 to 3, 2021, or whether the MHK General Meeting will be held in three smaller events in succession from October 1 to 7, 2021.

Five years of Deutscher Wohnbau Verbund - promotions and offers for members

The first association in the residential construction sector is celebrating its fifth birthday this year: Deutscher Wohnbau Verbund. Under the umbrella of MHK Group AG, it was founded with the aim of also supporting the private sector of the construction industry with the strengths of an association. Today, almost 100 members benefit from the precisely tailored services relating to purchasing, sales, and financial and insurance solutions.

"In its first five years, Deutsche Wohnbau Verbund has already established itself very well as a service provider for a consistent and promising industry," sums up Managing Director Alexander Schroeder. "With the anniversary offers, we are once again underlining the strengths of the association. At the same time, we want to use them to draw the attention of residential construction companies to the services of an association." Under the motto "We celebrate - you benefit!", the Deutsche Wohnbau Verbund is offering its partners additional attractive promotional offers in the anniversary year in the categories of skylights and flat roof windows, sun protection, shower enclosures and doors, canopies and parapets made of glass, among others.

MHK Group supports members during second lockdown in Germany

The Christmas holidays and the turn of the year were much quieter than usual due to Lockdown 2.0, which has been in effect since 16. December 2020. Originally scheduled to expire on January 10, 2021, it was extended last Tuesday until January 31. In addition to the extension, some tightening of existing Corona measures was approved, again having a significant impact on trade and craft companies in Germany. As we did during the first lockdown, MHK are not only providing their associates with up-to-date information on government rules and offers, but also assisting them with innovative products and services. Social media campaigns, special promotions and seminars, as well as special finance offers and digital support services are just some of the measures that the MHK Group can provide as a system network.” Together and strengthened, we will also master this second lockdown”, the company is convinced.