2011 - 2020

From kitchen specialist to partner
in home and living

"The publisher of the book is the musterhaus küchen association, under which umbrella kitchen specialists have joined together to create a marketing and purchasing association. The size of the association brings with it an industry responsibility which must not be evaded."
Hans Strothoff, foreword in the Handbuch der Küche

The founder of the MHK company always remained true to this motto coined in 1985. And not only that. From 2010, he expanded this responsibility ever more to include the kitchen-adjacent home and living sectors.

Gründung der interdomus Haustechnik

Foundation of interdomus

With the founding of the new interdomus Haustechnik association in March 2010, the MHK Group made its services available for the first time to the medium-sized sanitary, heating and air conditioning technology trade. Only five years later, in 2015, the MHK Group expanded its commitment once again and founded another service association outside the kitchen industry with the Deutscher Fertighaus Verbund. As the segment continued to grow, the Deutscher Fertighaus Verbund became the Deutscher Wohnbau Verbund in 2016. A third association, which underscored the competence of the MHK Group as a partner in the field of home and living, followed in 2018 with the establishment of TOP Malermeister Deutschland, which is the first service association to unite the medium-sized painting firms and strengthen its competitiveness.

Eigenmarken-Angebot wächst

Own-brand offering grows

Between 2011 and 2020, the MHK Group expanded its exclusive own-brand offering in the field of high-quality fitted kitchens. With three new own brands, xeno Küchen (2011), selectiv Küchen (2017) and neola Küchen (2019), the MHK members have five own-brand concepts at their disposal, covering all target group segments.

International growth

Following successful growth in Belgium, the Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland and Spain, the MHK Group entered a new market in 2018: the United Kingdom.  Here, too, it is now strengthening specialist retailers with excellent purchase prices and innovative services as well as with the 100% assumption of del credere risk. Further opportunities came to light in the Asian market and MHK Shanghai Trading Ltd was founded in 2019.

Einweihung der neuen Zentrale

Inauguration of the new headquarters

The complete range of services offered by the MHK Group is provided by its own companies. In the meantime, the number had grown to such an extent that the companies were operating at three different locations. This was to change. Hans Strothoff wanted to utilise all synergies, to create new communication opportunities that would lead to ground-breaking concepts and services, and to further expand the competitive advantage of the MHK partners. And he wanted to make the MHK European headquarters future-proof. With these three goals in mind, he decided to build a new centre in 2015. In August 2018, after three years of construction, the 16 service companies moved into the new MHK European headquarters in Dreieich near Frankfurt/Main. This was the first time in the company's nearly forty-year history that the MHK companies were all once again working under one roof.

Logo nobel

Expansion of services

"We want to support our partners throughout the entire sales process – from the first online contact to delivery and assembly."

In the second decade of the new millennium, the MHK Group is strengthening its position as a full-service association for retail and trade with more new services.

In order to support medium-sized furniture stores in their performance, the nobel Collection association was founded in 2012; this quickly developed into one of the most powerful European purchasing associations of medium-sized kitchen and furniture retailers.

Gründung der VME MHK Einkaufsgesellschaft

Founding of the VME MHK purchasing company

A milestone in the company's history and a first in the industry followed in 2013: as two of Europe’s leading network groups, the furniture partner ring VME and the MHK Group joined forces. In order to strengthen the members of the respective associations at home and abroad through favourable purchasing conditions, they founded VME MHK Einkaufgesellschaft mbH, a large and at the same time powerful European purchasing company for medium-sized kitchen and furniture retail companies, on 1 January 2013.

Digitalisierung als oberste Priorität

Digitisation as a top priority

The digitisation of processes led to an increase in efficiency both in the support of MHK members as well as in the design and improvement of MHK services. The Corona pandemic, which has also presented the MHK Group with extreme challenges, has greatly accelerated numerous development processes. This has had the positive effect that online sales with digital expertise have put the Group's kitchen retailers in an excellent market position. The CARATview app and the EasyRoom measurement app are particular highlights of the development.

Responses to skills shortages

The MHK Group’s services have always been distinguished by their visionary ideas. And so it was too in 2019. The industry is experiencing an increasing shortage of assembly specialists. With the establishment of its own logistics process, MHK Logistics, the MHK Group tackled an important issue for the future.